Ram Darbar

Basically Sampurn Ram Darbar is Called When Lord Rama stands/sits with Sita Ma Laxman Ji and Hanuman Ji. This Ram Darbar idol/Murti Figurine set brings divine vibrations of God. It is believed that Ram Darbar enhance positive energy with spirituality and holiness. In simple words Ram Darbar is the best remedy to bring peace and togetherness among Family Members. Just by placing Ram Darbar in your Pooja Room negativity of the home is vanished. Ram Darbar Statue infuse the positivity and prosperity. People bring Ram Darbar for Wisdom and prosperity in home. All evil spirits are rooted out of the home. That is because Hanuman Ji Murti is mendatory in Ram-Darbar and for Hanuman Ji it is said ‘Bhoot Pichas Nikat Nahi Aave’. Peace and progess increase manifold. The home becomes full of happiness and content.

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