Animal / Birds

Whenever we think of a horse/elephant/tiger the first word thing came to our mind is power, victory, stamina and energy. In Feng Shui pair of white horse represent Power, Stamina, Success, Victory, Fame, Strength etc. In other words Feng Shui animal/birds sculpture brings prosperity, promotion and growth to your home or office. As far as placement of Feng Shui animal sculpture should be placed facing towards your home to direct their energy inside the home, not outside or away from the home. Do not place houses in bedroom, toilet/bathroom and kitchen. For Vastu correction and getting Victory, Fame, Perseverance, Vigor and Strength buy Feng Shui horse/elephant/tiger for Success and place them according to the suggestions. Here in this category you will find Resin/Marble made of animal and bird sculptures. This could be used for Home Decor and Gift Item. Animal and bird sculptures can be used for gifting on Inauguration, Grah Pravesh, Office Opening or on any such occasions.

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